Open Face Chinese Poker


Straight 2
Flush 4
Full House 6
Quads 10
Straight Flush 15
Royal Flush 25
Double value of back
Front (3-Card Hand)
Pair of 6s 1
Pair of 7s 2
Pair of 8s 3
Pair of 9s 4
Pair of Tens 5
Pair of Jacks 6
Pair of Queens 7
Pair of Kings 8
Pair of Aces 9
Trip Deuces 10
Trip 3s 11
Trip 4s 12
Trip 5s 13
Trip 6s 14
Trip 7s 15
Trip 8s 16
Trip 9s 17
Trip Tens 18
Trip Jacks 19
Trip Queens 20
Trip Kings 21
Trip Aces 22


Players enter Fantasyland with a Front 3-card hand of at least a pair of Queens.

To remain in Fantasyland:

Conditions to Remain in Fantasyland
Front 3 Card Hand: Three of a kind
Middle: Full house or better
Back: Quads or better