Maryland Home Poker Law

Going into effect October 1, 2016, Maryland criminal code §9–1C–01 establishes legality of home poker games:

Notwithstanding any other provision of the Criminal Law Article, an individual who is at least 21 years old may conduct a home game involving wagering if the home game:
 (1)   is limited to mah jong or a card game;
(2)   is conducted not more than once a week:
(i)   in the place of residence of an individual who may also participate as a player in the home game; or
(ii)   in a common area of a residential property that is restricted to residents who are at least 55 years old;
(3)   allows a player to compete directly against one or more other players who share a preexisting social relationship;
(4)   does not allow an individual to benefit financially in any way, directly or indirectly, other than from the winnings accrued by participating as a player in the game;
(5)   does not involve:
(i)   a player’s use of an electronic device that connects to the Internet;
(ii)   the use of paid public advertising or promotions;
(iii)   the charging of a fee for admission, a seat, entertainment, or food and drink or any other fee; or
(iv)   the use of any money except money used for wagering; and
(6)   has a limit of $1,000 on the total amount of money, tokens representing money, or any other thing or consideration of value that may be wagered by all players during any 24–hour period.

Author: Sleepy

Eyes droop and he peers from meer slits
Long gone the usual insight and wit
then a raise unexpected
the pot is collected
How long will he keep up this shit?

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