Sports Betting – What the Baltimore Sun Missed

Filthy football money

The Sun used Superbowl Sunday to put an article on the front page that explored the barrier to sports betting in Maryland.

Fans will wager nearly $5 billion on Sunday’s Super Bowl . But for Maryland’s booming casinos, a federal ban on most sports betting means the growing market remains tantalizingly out of reach.

Source: As Super Bowl looms, Md. casinos seek share of sports betting market – Baltimore Sun

Jeff Barker’s article basically says “Maryland casinos would like to offer sports betting, but PASPA stops them. Maybe Trump and Congress will change that.” The first part of that is obvious (casinos would offer tiddlywinks if it were legal and people would bet on it), the second part is informative, but shallow, and the third part is pure speculation about a path to legalization.

Which is silly because that path is already being made by a state that would like to offer sports betting. New Jersey has been working through the courts to declare PAPSA unconstitutional. In the last five years they have had three split circuit court decisions, a rare en banc hearing (in which all the judges for the circuit court here the case rather than just a panel) and still continue the fight.

Plus there is relatively recent news, as in January the Supreme Court asked the Solicitor General to file a brief on the case. John Brennan of The Record in Bergen County, NJ, does an excellent job reporting on this issue in general and wrote an article on what the Supreme Court action might mean.

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