New Cocktail at Cosmo

From Vegas Seven, z favorite drinking spot in Las Vegas, Vesper inside the Cosmopolitan, has introduced a new cocktail that is as much performance art as cocktail:

A fun new off-menu spring cocktail has just sprung up at Vesper lobby bar in The Cosmopolitan along with the season’s first tender shoots and buds.

Source: A Secret Garden (Cocktail) Grows at The Cosmopolitan – Vegas Seven

I am fine with this. I like table side food preparation, the servers at Vesper are pleasant, and I would be willing to pay for this kind of experience.

The market price, however, is something I may take issue with. I have to imagine that is driven by the passion fruit tea pod thing, which may be hard to procure. Regardless, I would try this at least once.

Author: Sleepy

Eyes droop and he peers from meer slits
Long gone the usual insight and wit
then a raise unexpected
the pot is collected
How long will he keep up this shit?

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