Escort Shares 20 Secrets of the Industry

This Quora page has an anonymous sex worker sharing 20 secrets of the escort business.

The page is from September of last year, but it is insightful and has the ring of authenticity.

Maybe not accuracy in terms of estimates on the portion of married men who stray (the author estimates “95% of men are satisfied and don’t stray from their wives” whereas research shows a pretty consistent infidelity rate of about 16% in the US over the past 30 years), but she clearly knows her own business.

There is also a question of to what extent thus represents larger perceptions among sex workers and to what extent it is the personalized experience of one person.  Sometimes she cops to the latter (doesn’t like anal), and even separates herself categorically from others (as being lazy, for example), but otherwise she seems to use her own experiences to make broad generalizations.

Regardless, the article is interesting, especially in how it reveals the ability of an escort to re-invent herself, going right at a preconception that a long career as an escort simply is not possible.

Well worth the read.

Author: Sleepy

Eyes droop and he peers from meer slits
Long gone the usual insight and wit
then a raise unexpected
the pot is collected
How long will he keep up this shit?

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  1. I did not click on that link. I did not inhale, said Sam I am.

    11. Far more men see us than you’d think. Scientists may tell you that 10-15% of American men see escorts. I’d estimate no less than 20%, no more than 35%. I’d reckon a solid 15% of guys see a sex worker at least annually, and probably 10% see one of us at least monthly. Most guys won’t admit it.

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