Local Squad Christos FC Last Amateur Standing in Lamar Hunt US Open Cup

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Great story in today’s Sun by Jonas Shaffer on local squad Christos FC facing DC United in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup on Tuesday.

For those unfamiliar with the US Open Cup – it truly is an open competition. Teams from all across the country are welcome to participate, but by the fourth round of 32, when MLS teams first enter the competition, the true amateurs are usually gone and eliminated by established minor league squads like the Rochester Rhinos.

Not so with Christos FC, which sounds wonderfully devout, but actually derives its name from its sponsor Christos Discount Liquors in Glen Burnie (whose Web site declares that “Monday is Ladie’s Day” with discounts on bottles of wine).

They qualified for the Cup back in September of 2016, and have won in the first three rounds in May to be the last local qualifier standing. That earned them a bonus of $15,000. Plus, Adidas is now sponsoring them for the game Tuesday.

Team photo with scoreboard in background after the 2017 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup 3rd round win in Chicago.

This is clearly an achievement, but this Christos FCteam is good. They recently won 90 games in a row (!) and have some trophies for amateur competitions.

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