Money Plane Prop Bets

If you have not seen this 15 second clip from “Money Plane”, please do.

Money Plane will be available for streaming this Friday July 10, and represents the kind of movie that is enjoyable because it is so ridiculous.

We are not going to bet on the dude and the alligator, but here are some things we will consider betting on for this movie:

Number of times someone says “Money Plane”, o/u 23.5

Even money bet.

Kelsey Grammer manages to say “money plane” 3 times in just this 15 second clip. The movie is only 82 minutes long, though, so you may be taking your chances with this one.

Adam Copeland executes Spear Finishing Move, Yes/No

Yes +125 (opening line +150)

The star of the movie was a professional wrestler, Edge, with a finishing move called the Spear.

Making this an underdog as the movie involves a flying tackle which may be tough in close quarters on the plane. More importantly, WWE almost certainly retains intellectual copyrights on these moves, and I doubt the budget allowed for the producers to license it.

Thomas Jane shares the screen with another speaking cast member, Yes/No

Yes +200 (opening line +250)

While Copeland is the star, Thomas Jane brings more star billing to the movie. He has The Punisher and the HBO Series “Hung” to his credits.

But a review of the trailer does not show him in the planning scene (“this is insane!”) and it does show him operating a drone. A drone? For an actor with solid action movie credits?

This seems to indicate the producers were able to secure Jane for a day and film him, but without anyone else from the billed cast available. So they contrived a way for him to join the action remotely.

This is pure handicapping based on the trailer alone, but could be a fun bet and could stir debate with the grading. Speaking of which…

Number of times someone calls the Thomas Jane character, o/u 5.5

Even money.

Related to the above bet, but gives that bit of fun every time someone reaches for the telephone.

Death Before Title Credits, Yes/No

Yes +200

Always a reliable trope – will there be an on screen death before the title credit? If this were a horror move, shade it to the yes. But in this case, if they use any action before the title sequence, it is to establish Copeland as a thief in the robin Hood mold, and that does not usually involve killing.

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